A Zippo Gallery

Attitudes in the
21st Century towards cigarette smoking
have changed, and so has the Zippo
lighter’s role and function in our
society.  A tour through

Zippo Gallery

images of very rare as well as common
lighters will illustrate how
engraved Zippos were used as gifts and
keepsakes, personalized not only by
presidents, astronauts, movie stars and
the military, but also by churches,
schools, scout clubs, hospitals, and
even baby food companies.  Whatever
happens to smoking in this century,
vintage Zippo lighters have become a
part of our heritage. We can think of
them like small canvases upon which
marks of our history, culture and art
since 1932 have been left. The Zippo
lighter’s simplicity, functionality,
reliability, durability, its life time
guarantee, its unique sounds it

makes when flicking open and shut, and
its perfect fit in the palm of ones hand
and the story it tells makes it a highly
treasured icon of American ingenuity and